Technology by your side

The customer, our raison d'ĂȘtre

Customer service is part of our DNA. We want to be the consultation centre for electrical engineering and the supply of electrical equipment, lighting and automation. Our goal is to provide the customer with the product or advice they need to facilitate and expedite their projects and solve their needs.

That’s why we have the best brands on the market, as well as a large warehouse of electrical equipment that allows us to distribute more than 150,000 catalogue items and have a faster response capacity. In addition, thanks to the knowledge and know-how acquired since 1995, our committed team of experts and continuous improvement, the customer has the peace of mind and confidence that Mapel can count on for any questions, problems or situations.

We are a link between technology and the needs of the sector, supporting engineering, offering solutions to the needs of installers, machinery manufacturers, electrical panelists and industry maintenance.


To be the leading partner in advice, engineering solutions and distribution of electrical equipment, automation and lighting for the electrical and industrial sector.

Our values

We are close to our customers, wherever they are. This closeness is one of the traits that set us apart and make us a trusted partner. But they are also:

  • Customer orientation:

    Our customer always comes first and we listen to them to meet their needs, offer the best products, adapt our service and commit to their projects.

  • Teamwork:

    Whether the team is made up of external or Mapel staff, we work collaboratively where communication is key. We are always by the customer’s side, making proposals and carrying them out.

  • Accountability:

    We take responsibility for our work, the projects we carry out, the distribution of material and the brands we work with. We want to be a partner that brings peace of mind and confidence to the customer.

  • The pursuit of excellence:

    At Mapel, excellence is a requirement. This means learning from mistakes, innovating, being open to change and in continuous training to continue to be leaders in a competitive market.

MAPEL is part of ADIME (Association of Distributors of Electrical Equipment), which aims to integrate companies in the sector and offer advice. In addition, all partners share experiences in management and innovation, key factors to be competitive in an increasingly globalised world.

We are part of the UNASE Group, a group of Electrical Material warehouses founded in 1998. We share the spirit of cooperation and set common goals to strengthen ourselves in all possible areas of our activity. Thanks to this partnership we are more agile and competitive to work with major manufacturers.