Large and medium installer

Large and medium installer

We offer the best installation materials, lighting and automation so that the large and medium installer can give the best service to companies in the industrial sector and developers.

We want to emphasize that a Mapel we take care of all our customers and respect them by maintaining a defined pricing policy.

  • Close to our customer

    We want to be your trusted partner, not only because we supply the material you need, but also because we can support any stage of the project.

  • Solutions

    Resolve incidents, anticipate needs, find alternatives, propose improvements, … At Mapel we are there for our customers so that projects always move forward.

  • Speed of material supply

    Thanks to our constant morning and afternoon distribution service and the important supply in our warehouse, these are factors that help us to have an outstanding customer service.

  • High level of stock

    Thanks to our large warehouse of electrical equipment and lighting we have the ability to offer the product they need to our customers in an agile way. We currently work with more than 150,000 catalogue items from 400 pioneering brands.

    Our customers have the peace of mind that they will find what they are looking for, as we have different alternatives to the same product.

  • Lighting reference

    We provide the customer with all the necessary advice, both on lighting projects and on lighting products in the different sectors, domestic, industrial, residential, public … indoors or outdoors. Always proposing the solution that best suits the customer’s needs.

  • Services

    If there is one thing that characterises us, it is the unstinting support we give to our customers. We provide, supply and respond to day-to-day needs.

Other sectors

  • Machinery manufacturers

    We represent a benchmark as technical specialists. A partner to count on both product and service.

  • Panel builders

    We guarantee an advisory and support service to our customers through technical professionals who are up to date with the regulations for electrical panels, equipment and materials, providing peace of mind and security.

  • Industry maintenance

    We are known for offering a totally customer-oriented service, in which approachability and support are the key pillars. Our equipment and materials are always up to date in training and innovation.

  • Engineering

    Mapel offers advice, support, design review and validation. All in all, everything the customer needs to make sure their project is a success. We are aware of the importance of productivity required by facilities, which is why we are at the cutting edge of innovation.

  • Small installer

    Small installers have at their disposal the electrical equipment store in the warehouse where they can find the necessary catalogue items to carry out their projects. We have alternative catalogue items so that our customer always has more options.