Machinery manufacturers

Among our customers we also have machinery manufacturers who can rely on Mapel both for the development of their projects and later in the manufacturing and after-sales of the machine. We adapt to the needs of the customer's needs, whether we take part in the project in any of the three phases or in just one of them.

For the first phase, the development phase, our customers have the support and advice of our team of experts. Thanks to our continuous training, the know-how acquired over the years and our customer focus, we have become the best choice to advise on the design and development of machines for Industry 4.0, always offering the maximum warranty.

In the machine manufacturing and after sales phase we become distributors of electrical equipment. Thanks to our large storage capacity, the supply of material for manufacturing, maintenance or spare parts is continuous. That's why we can give a quick and agile response to our customer.

  • Technical specialisation

    We are aware that we can play a key role in the manufacturing process of a machine. That’s why we offer our customers the knowledge to guarantee the peace of mind they deserve.

  • Solutions

    Resolve incidents, anticipate needs, find alternatives, propose improvements, … At Mapel we are there for our customers so that projects always move forward.

  • Evaluation and consultancy

    At Mapel we have a highly qualified team to stand by our customers. We offer solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Service and product experts

    Our team is constantly training to keep up to date with changes in regulations. In addition, we choose the best brands and products based on our long experience in the sector, always prioritising the needs of our customer.

  • Engineering

    We work in close conjunction with the design and production department of the company. We can collaborate very closely in any phase of project development.

  • Services

    At Mapel, service and customer service are paramount. That is why we have a team of people who specialise in each field, to be able to offer answers and solutions quickly and effectively.

Other sectors

  • Panel builders

    We guarantee an advisory and support service to our customers through technical professionals who are up to date with the regulations for electrical panels, equipment and materials, providing peace of mind and security.

  • Industry maintenance

    We are known for offering a totally customer-oriented service, in which approachability and support are the key pillars. Our equipment and materials are always up to date in training and innovation.

  • Large and medium installer

    We offer the best installation materials, lighting and automation so that large and medium installers can, at the same time, give the best service to companies in the industrial sector and to development companies.

  • Engineering

    Mapel offers advice, support, design review and validation. All in all, everything the customer needs to make sure their project is a success. We are aware of the importance of productivity required by facilities, which is why we are at the cutting edge of innovation.

  • Small installer

    Small installers have at their disposal the electrical equipment store in the warehouse where they can find the necessary catalogue items to carry out their projects. We have alternative catalogue items so that our customer always has more options.