Technical Consultancy and Lighting Projects

We conduct all kinds of lighting studies and projects for domestic, restaurants and catering and commercial environments, for the industrial sector and for facilities for public use. We provide solutions for each case, performing a preliminary study during which the customer can view a plan of the final installation with 3D simulation technology and proposals from leading brands. We carry out tailored projects and make custom designs.

Multi-family Homes and Buildings

Indoor and outdoor lighting projects for homes with decorative and functional products. We draw up the plans with the aid of software designed exclusively for project simulations.

Retail and Commerce

Lighting projects for the creation of environments in keeping with the location and its decoration, for both catering and all kinds of commercial premises. Energy efficiency and design are the key factors in these kinds of projects. We make proposals and offer advice from the start to the end of the project.

Offices and Premises

Lighting specially designed for workplaces, taking into account the latest trends in energy efficiency and thus helping to reduce energy consumption and create a harmonious environment, together with the ideal visual comfort provisions in the work areas.

Architects and Decorators

We provide advice and propose different alternatives for the same project so as to come up with the best option. We work on them together with the professionals. Constantly seeking a balance between design and affordability.

Industrial Sector

High-performance and long-lasting lighting, striking the necessary balance between safety and energy efficiency for industry. Projects for industrial plants, warehouses, production chain facilities and outdoor areas.

Public Works, Halls and Conference Rooms

Halls, conference rooms, auditoriums, outdoor lighting and all kinds of spaces for use by the general public. Energy efficiency and design are the most important and critical variables when it comes to planning a space of this kind, as well as luminous notices and signs for safety and emergency lighting.

Gardens and Outdoor Areas

We carry out projects together with professionals from the gardening sector so as to pool our knowledge and create spaces and settings, thus offering the results best suited to the customer’s ideas and needs and preventing any light pollution of the outdoor areas.

We distribute first-line brands and have direct contact with the main manufacturers for each sector

At MAPEL we have a long experience in lighting projects of all kinds. We are accompanied by the leading companies in the sector.

Public, Urban and Road Lighting


Technical lighting


Decorative Outdoor Lighting


Decorative Indoor Lighting


Industrial lighting


Emergency lighting


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