Technical Management

Technical management and supervision of distribution and control cabinet projects.

Project Design

Design of automation projects for industrial applications by applying robotics.

Application Consultancy

Industrial production, process, machinery and automation environments.

Consultancy for Engineering Projects and Industrial Applications

We supply components for industrial applications and provide technical support and advice throughout the implementation process. We have extensive experience in many different sectors, including the food industry, packaging, industrial maintenance, panel building, end users and others.

Machinery Manufacturers

We supply electronic components and automation for the implementation of high-performance industrial applications and processes. We provide support and consultancy and are at the client’s disposal throughout the development and implementation processes.

Maintenance and End Users

We have a large stock of components and consumables used for industrial applications and automated production systems. We support end users and provide advice on the modification and updating of processes and applications.

Engineers and Integrators

We have a consultancy department made up of engineers and integrators for the development and implementation of industrial processes and solutions, providing an efficient and qualified service for our customers.

Electrical Panel Builders

We design and monitor the assembly of the electrical distribution and control panels required for the start-up of industrial installations and processes in both the tertiary and industrial sectors, providing components made by the sector’s leading brands.

Partnerships with Training Centres

We actively cooperate with training centres, presenting and showcasing the latest sectoral technologies and trends in the area of industrial applications and processes.

We are authorized distributors and we have the qualified technical staff to provide all kinds of support and provide components for all types of applications

Brands of renowned reputation as Omron among others are in constant direct communication with us to facilitate the implementation of all types of processes and applications.