the customer, our reason for being

MAPEL+TAGISA is a distribution and wholesale company specializing in electrical material for the industrial, tertiary and residential sectors. The company was set up in 1995 with the purpose of serving electrical material to the county of Pla de l’Estany and, more generally, to the province of Girona. Today, the company, following the incorporation of TAGISA into its facilities, has more than 700 customers in the region. Our clear vocation is to serve the customer. This is made possible by our large, professional and technically skilled team committed to staying ahead of the continuous evolution of the sector.

Our team is made up of qualified professionals with broad experience in the sector who can offer the very best service to our customers.

The Human Resources department regularly promotes the internal training of the staff in order to cover all the technological breakthroughs in the sector, enabling them to offer advice to our customers with regard to the newest technological products. In terms of legislation, we have the appropriate consultants on hand to oversee the proper implementation of our customers’ projects.

Our goal has always been being specialized in the electricity sector, constantly seeking continuous improvement for our customers.

We distribute prestige brands, always evaluated and chosen with our customers in mind, adapting them to their needs and providing comprehensive technical solutions.

Our policy has always been a commitment to progressive development within an efficient, clean and sustainable technical evolution.

Our fundamental purpose is the customer. We therefore offer personalized service, depending on their requirements in terms of products, legislation, training, etc.

Our customer portfolio is broad and diverse and we have a clear idea about who they are, as they identify with very particular and distinctive typologies. We seek to achieve joint collaboration with them in order to move forward together day by day to meet their needs.

Our aim is always to stand alongside our customers so that they can develop all kinds of electrical and industrial automation projects with the guarantee of our team’s support and advice.

MAPEL+TAGISA has facilities, open since 2005, which include the following:
A large showroom where customers can find a small selection of the different items we sell. From industrial to decorative products, it includes an exhibition of latest trends in lighting. We have a large warehouse ​​about 1,600m2 in size.